Temples and tourist Places in Sambalpur

Temples and tourist places in Sambalpur that beautify the district with divinity and highlight the religiousness of the place.

Sambalpur is a major city and the headquarters of Sambalpur district of Odisha, existing at a distance of 321 km from the state capital Bhubaneswar. Being the commercial capital of western Odisha, it is one of the busiest cities.

The prosperity of the city is seen through its lush green forests, wild life, waterfalls, tribal culture, folk songs and dances. Further the monuments, temples, handcraft, the unique Hirakud Dam, world famous Sambalpuri Saree, make the place famous. Amongst the religious destinations Samaleswari, Patneswari, Budha Raja Shiva Temple, the leaning temple of Huma, Ghanteshwari temple are the most famous.

Nuakhai This is the most important local and social festival of Sambalpur, besides Bhai-juntia, Puo-juntia. The financial system of Sambalpur is fundamentally dependent on cultivation and trading.

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