Tara Tarini Temple

Tara Tarini Temple

Tara Tarini Temple in Ganjam District of Odisha, the dwelling place of the twin sister Goddess Tara and Tarini


Village: Raipura, Post: Raipura, Via: Purushottampur, Tehsil:  Purushottampur, District: Ganjam, State:  Orissa, Pin: 761018

Tara Tarini Temple

The famous Tara Tarini Temple in Ganjam district of Odisha state


There are several interesting stories and legends about the origin of the Tara Tarini Shrine at the hill top; however a new temple has replaced the old concrete temple of British era. The present temple is a unique modern temple structure bearing complicated carvings. It is a Rekha style temple like Puri jagannath Temple and Lingaraj temple of Bhubaneswar. It has been built at a cost of around Rs. 2.50 crores as per the architectural norms of ancient Orissa temple architecture. The lintels for the new temple are built with large black granite slabs. In front of the newly-constructed temple you may see a replica of the famous arch of Mukteswar temple as well. Sculptor ‘Raghunath Mohapatra’ was the master architect of this modern temple. Thus the hill shrine has been transformed into a major tourist destination of Odisha with a beautiful sandstone temple adhering all the principles and beliefs of ancient Orissan temple architecture.

Idol of Lord Shiva and Parvati at Tara Tarini Temple

Idol of Lord Shiva and Parvati at Tara Tarini Temple

About the Place:

The temple of Taratarini, where the twin sister Goddess Tara and Tarini are worshiped with great enthusiasm is situated on the top of a small hill surrounded with the waddling holy river Rushikulya, in Gangam District of Orissa. The temple attracts thousands of devotes and visitors throughout the year. As per the Hindu calendar, on all Sankranties and all the four Tuesdays in the month of Chaitra, huge number of visit the temple and worship the deities.

Tara-Tarini is one of the most ancient Shakti Pithas of Odisha. Goddess Tara-Tarini is worshiped as the presiding deity in almost every house in South Odisha.

Everyday devotees from different parts of Odisha come here to offer the first bunch of hair of their children. Hundreds of barbers with license are engaged for the execution of this task at the hill.

Devoties are allowed to perform the thread ceremony and marriage ceremony at the down hill temple complex.

Sevral festivals are observed in Tara Tarini temples namely Sankranti mela, Dola Purnima, Chaitra Purnima, also known as Phalguna Purnima, Chaitra Parba (February – March), Basantika Parba, Chitalagi Amabasya, Gamha Purnima, Saptapuri Amabasya, Saradiya Parba and Dipawali.

The tara Tarini Development Board along with the help of voluntary organization and district administration of Ganjam District organizes free eye and Health care camp on Each Sankranti day.

Ariel Rope Car are available to shift visitors from Taratarini foothill to Top of the hill, where the daity dwells.


Nearest railway Stations from Taratarini Temple are Berhampur – 32 kms and Chatrapur- 30 kms. The state capital Bhubaneswar from Taratarini is at  177 kms.

Bangles and threads – a mark of inclination and faith for the deity

From the top of Tara Tarini Temple

A view from the top hill of Tara Tarini Temple

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