Gopalpur: Gopalpur on Sea

Gopalpur: Gopalpur on Sea

Gopalpur on sea, a beach in Ganjam district of Odisha, away from noise and the infuriating crowd

Gopalpur on Sea

Gopalpur on Sea – A wonderful scene from the sea shore of Gopalpur

Gopalpur: Gopalpur is a NAC (Notified Area Council) town in Ganjam District of Odisha State in India. As the Bay of Bengal touches the eastern border of Ganjam district and its coastal area extends over 60 Kms, consequently it offers unique prospect for fishing and trading through port facility at Gopalpur. Gopalpur is located at 19.27°N 84.92°E.

‘Gopalpur-on-Sea’ is a shore of Bay of Bengal and a tourist attraction of Gopalpur town offering ‘sun-sand-surf’ to visitors round the globe. It exists at a distance of 15 km by road from the nearest Berhampur town.

Sea beach at Gopalpur is prominent for its blue water and gorgeous back water bed. The place is sure to stamp the heart and mind of viewer significantly with its languorous beach, coconut groves, flourishing green plants, casuarinas (a tree of Casuarinaceae family, having jointed leafless branchlets) and the gentle small hill of sand formed by the wind. Far away from noise and the infuriating crowd one can certainly enjoy a trip to Gopalpur and make the moment delighted

Casuarina Tree

Casuarina Tree – a tree of Casuarinaceae family

The Light House on the beach offers an impressive 360 degree view of Gopalpur, and a part of Chilika Lake. The remains of a jetty still stands there as an evidence of the flourishing commercial activities in ancient time.

Every year in December, the “Gopalpur Festival”, a cultural program is organized at Gopalpur by the local administration.

There is regular and frequent bus service is available to Gopalpur from the nearby Berhampur City. Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport at 180 km from Gopalpur-on-sea.

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